The Company

    Unit  Economics is  a  Rhode Island-based  independent  research  firm.  We  provide
    institutional investors with insightful research on small and mid cap  equity  securities.
    We  believe  successful  investing  is  no accident - it comes only  with  experience, a
    commitment to excellence and hard work.

    Our  innovative  approach  focuses  on  the  ‘Unit  Economics’  of  the  companies we
    analyze.  We believe   that  there  are important  insights  to be  gained by combining
    our proprietary financial  modeling  techniques with frequent management interaction
    and  intensive industry research.  Earnings are  the main driver of share prices in the
    long  term  and  we  pride ourselves  on  the accuracy of our earnings estimates  and

    Unit   Economics   strives   for excellence  at  both   the  individual  and  organizational
    level, and toward that end, we have created a rare learning environment.  We  expose
    our   employees   to   the  challenges  of publishing  sell-side  research.  At  the  same
    time,  we  are  developing   trading   and  portfolio   management   skills   through  our
    focus on maximizing the real-world investment returns of our clients.


    Senior   Analyst  and  company  founder,   Nathan  Weiss,   was  the  author   of   The
    WeissReport,  a  monthly  newsletter  focused  on  risk  arbitrage  and market  neutral
    strategies   from   1998  to  2000.    From  2000 to 2006  Mr.  Weiss  was  a generalist
    analyst  and  portfolio  manager  at  Noble Partners, contributing  significantly to   their
    outstanding returns.

    Mr.  Weiss   holds  a  Master  of  Science  in  Investment   Management   from  Boston
    University and a BBA in Business Administration from the University of Iowa.
58 Main St, Unit 2R
East Greenwich, RI 02818
Phone: (617) 227-5871
Fax: (617) 227-5870